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Torn Earlobe Repair

Have you had an earring pull through your earlobe?

Women and men have worn earrings since ancient times. The weight and size of an earring can contribute to enlargement and stretching of the pierce-hole. Large earrings can become caught on clothing or pulled by a child, and can tear through the lower border of the earlobe, leaving an unsightly split or notch. This is a common occurrence

The Quick Facts

What Are We Treating: Split or torn earlobe, or elongated pierce hole

Goal of Treatment: Restoring the earlobe to normal

Duration of Treatment: 30 minutes

Return to Daily Activities: Immediate

For A Winning Result You can have the earlobe pierced again about six weeks after the repair

Try to avoid large heavy earrings

How is it Done?

Dr. Mendes performs repair of torn earlobes under local anesthesia as an ambulatory procedure, under local anesthesia. The edges of the torn earlobe are “freshened”, brought together, and sutured.

Does it Hurt?

Once local anesthetic is administered, the procedure can be performed painlessly. Most patients do not need any pain medicine after the procedure.

Postoperative Care:

Antibiotic ointment and a small dressing are placed following surgery. The sutures are removed approximately one week following the procedure. The ears can pe re-pierced approximately six weeks following the repair.

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