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Skin Lesions – Full Body Examination with Dermatoscope

Do you have a mole on your skin lesion or some other skin lesion?

(Intro…) We are exposed to the intense light of the sun every day. It is important to have your skin checked for suspicious skin lesions. If asuspicious skin lesion is found, it needs to be addresse. Some lesions can be followed and examined periodically. Other lesions may need to be biopsied to make a diagnosis. Some lesions should be excised. Dr. Mendes can examine your entire body with the aid of a device called a dermatoscope. He can then determine what approach is indicated. There are pre-cancerous skin lesions that can be treated with destructive techniques such as the application of liquid nitrogen or treatment with electrocautery like devices. If a skin cancer is diagnosed on your face, Dr. Mendes may recommend Moh’s Surgery.

The Quick Facts

What Are We Treating: Skin lesions (and skin cancer)

Goal of Treatment: Examination of the skin, identification of suspicious lesions, biopsy as is appropriate, and definitive treatment and follow-up.

Duration of Treatment: Full body examination takes about ten minutes. Biopsy procedures are generally done under local anesthesia , and are also brief

Return to Daily Activities: Immediate

For A Winning Result Avoid excessive sun exposure, wear a hat, sleeves, and UV protective clothing, have your body and skin examined periodically.

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