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Septoplasty (Surgery for a Deviated Septum)

Are you having trouble breathing through your nose?

Do you have a deviated septum?

Difficulty breathing through the nose is a common complaint. Often, deviated septum is diagnosed when examining a patient before cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). When performing rhinoplasty, I make every effort to maintain a good airway. Sometimes this entails surgery of the nasal septum. A deviated septum can be a cause of a crooked or asymmetric nose.

The Quick Facts

What Are We Treating: Nasal obstruction or deformity due to deviated septum

Goal of Treatment: Improved airway patency and function.

Duration of Treatment: Depends on what else is done – e.g. rhinoplasty

Return to Daily Activities: Depends on the extent of concomitant surgery

For A Winning Result Follow Dr. Mendes’ instructions. Don’t smoke. Don’t abuse nasal decongestants.

How is it Done?

Dr. Mendes performs septal surgery in combination with rhinoplasty procedures. In some cases, the central bulging part of the septal cartilage is removed. On other cases he is able to realign a deviated septum to the midline and employ cartilage grafts to splint the reconstructed septum.

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