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Scar Revision

Do you have scars after surgery, injuries, or burns that you would like to improve?

Do you have an earlobe keloid?

Unsightly scars are a troublesome problem. Dr. Mendes may be able to improve your scars with topical treatments, medication, or with scar revision surgery.

The Quick Facts

What We Are Treating: Scars, widened, elevated hypertrophic or keloid scars

Goal of Treatment: Improved appearance.

Duration of Treatment: Depends on the required treatment. Sometimes the care is at home (with special dressings or topical treatments), in other cases an office procedure may be recommended , and in other cases surgery or other treatment modalities may be required

Return to Daily Activities: If surgery is required, recovery will depend on what is procedure is performed. Sometimes, more than ons stage of treatment may be planned.

For A Winning Result Follow Dr. Mendes’ instructions. Don’t smoke.

How is it Done?

There is a wide range of treatments that Dr. Mendes may recommend, depending on your problem:

Time – sometimes this is the best recommendation for a scar that is still maturing


Topical medications

Silicone gel sheeting

Pressure bandages or earrings

Medication – steroid treatments to help flatten an elevated scar


Surgery – which may involve excising (removing) the scar, and reclosing the wound.

In more involved case, skin grafts, flaps, or tissue expansion may be the best solution.

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