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Is there something that you do not like about your nose?

Rhinoplasty, or nasal plastic surgery, is a procedure performed for both cosmetic and functional (medical) reasons. With rhinoplasty, Dr. Mendes can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change its width or the shape of the tip, or change the relationship between the lower part of the nose and the upper lip. Some breathing problems may be helped. Dr. Mendes also performs rhinoplasty to correct birth defects or injuries.

The Quick Facts

What Are We Treating:

Goal of Treatment: The goal is to end up with a nose that looks better and works better. That way, after the operation, you will like the way it looks, as well as the way you breathe. Your nose should fit in well with your other facial features.

Duration of Treatment: 1 ½ - 3 hours under general anesthesia

Recovery: Approximately on and a half hours in the recovery room Depending on various circumstances, you may be discharged on the day of the surgery, or the following morning. Dr. Mendes will discuss these possibilities with you at your pre-operative visit.

Return to Daily Activities: The is usually a splint on the nose for about a week after surgery

For A Winning Result Follow Dr. Mendes’ instructions, don’t smoke

How is it Done?

There is no one rhinoplasty operation. The operation is tailored individually for each patient. Rhinoplasty may be performed through a closed approach, in which all incisions are placed within the nose, or an open approach, in which a small incision is placed under the tip, in a part of the nose that is generally invisible. The bones and cartilage are then re-shaped and the skin is re-draped over the new framework. Sometimes grafts of cartiage are placed to shape or stabilize the nose. If there is septal deviaition, septoplasty may be performed. In modern rhinoplasty, emphasis is placed on non-destructive techniques which preserve the stability of the nose.

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