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Facial Bone and Skull Contouring

Is your brow too prominent?

Were you born with a skull deformity – craniosynostosis or other craniofacial deformity?

Have you suffered fractures of the bones in your face and your face does not look right?

Is your face asymmetric?

Dr. Mendes is trained in craniomaxillofacial surgery and performs surgery on the bones of the face and skull.

The Quick Facts

What We Are Treating: Deformities of the facial bones and skull

Goal of Treatment: Improved appearance and symmerty.

Duration of Treatment: If your problem is relatively minor or superficial, treatment may be on an outpatient basis, or even as an office procedure. For more complex deformities, the surgical solution may be involved, and may be staged.

Return to Daily Activities: If Dr. Mendes can treat your problem with injectable fillers, your return to daily activity can be almost immediate. Should your problem require surgery, recovery time will depend on the extent of the surgery and on what needs to be done. Dr. Mendes will discuss with yu at your consultation or preoperative visit.

For A Winning Result Follow Dr. Mendes’ instructions. Don’t smoke. Discuss your desires and expectations with Dr. Mendes, to be aware of what kind of result is reasonable to expect, and to be approsed of possible complications and other issues.

How is it Done?

There are many techniques that can be considered. You should discuss your desires with Dr. Mendes, and then he will be able to advise you, and you can, together with hi, devise a plan that suits you. In some cases deformities can be camouflaged with injectable fillers or with fat grafts (or even makeup!). In more complex cases implants made of symnthetic materials, or implants (grafts) of skin, cartilage or bone may be needed to improve the contour of the bones of your face. In some cases osteotomy ( bone cuts) may be considered to reposition bones that healed poorly or in cases of congenital or developmental problems.

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