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Facelft and Necklift (Rhytidectomy)

Do you feel that your cheeks and neck are aging and sagging, that you’re forming “jowls”, or your neck skin is hanging (“turkey gobbler”) or you think your neck is too fat?

(Intro…)As we age or lose weight, our bodies go through changes that may be unflattering. With facelift and necklift surgery, Dr. Mendes can achieve a rejuvenating, refreshed, natural look. Surgery may be combined with a chemical peel, liposuction, cosmetic eyelid surgery, forehead lift, or fat grafting.

The Quick Facts

What Are We Treating: Facial Aging – jowls, loose skin, unflattering contour of the jaw and neck

Goal of Treatment: A refreshed, rejuvenated and natural appearance

Duration of Treatment: Surgery usually takes a few hours under general anesthesia, followed by an overnight stay in the hospital

Return to Daily Activities: There is bruising and swelling for a few days after surgery. Expect to be able to be in public without makeup about three weeks after the surgery

For A Winning Result: Don’t smoke, stay out of the sun, and follow dr. Mendes' instructions

How is it Done?

Dr. Mendes makes incisions in the hairline, in front of the ear and around the back of the ear into the hairline behind the ear. The loose tissues are tightened internally with sutures, and excess skin is removed. Sometimes the muscles of the neck are tightened through a small incision under the chin.

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