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Dr. David Mendes

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Moh’s Surgery



האיגוד הישראלי לכירורגיה פלסטית ואסתטית.


Meital Y.

I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude.  Thank you for the understanding, sensitivity…Thank you for being a person one can depend on.


Thank you from all my heart for the dedicated care and wonderful bedside manner…May you continue to perform your blessed work successfully with your hands and heart of gold.  Please know that my family and I very much appreciate what you did for me.


With great appreciation and esteem,

Dr. Mendes was sent to

us from Heaven.

Daniel was born with a cleft lip. 

Dr. David Mendes, 

plastic surgeon and specialist in cleft care, succeeded in correcting the deformity, and Daniel is left with but a small scar on his lip.


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